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Are you ready for an adventurous Regency romp with witty banter, sizzling romance, and a cast of fun and endearing characters, including a naughty poodle named Cupid? I can’t wait to introduce all of you to the Darlington sisters and their intriguing gentlemen in Uncle Charlie’s Angels. SECRETS TO A GENTLEMAN’S HEART (BOOK 1) is available now!

When Regina, Evangeline, and Sophia lost their parents as young girls, their bachelor uncle Charles, Earl of Wedmore, and their slightly dotty and nearly blind great aunt Beatrice generously took them in and gave them a loving home. The ladies' upbringing has been happy, but unconventional, to say the least. Uncle Charles is a globetrotter whose interests lie in ancient civilizations, archeology, and the study of warrior arts, and he has always been eager to share his knowledge with his beloved little angels. He even threw caution to the wind and taught his nieces how to defend themselves with hand-to-hand combat, which comes in useful when he doesn’t return from his latest excursion before the start of the Season and the rakehells come sniffing around Wedmore House. Navigating the marriage mart and keeping Aunt Beatrice out of trouble is the least of the ladies' problems, however, when they become entangled with gentlemen of questionable pasts and are in danger of losing their hearts.

Look for RESISTING ROMEO, an Uncle Charlie’s Angels story in ONCE UPON A REGENCY, February 2016.

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