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Kissed by a Scottish Rogue -- Samantha Grace
Kissed by a Scottish Rogue


The Best of Both Rogues -- Samantha Grace
The Best of Both Rogues


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What’s New in Sam’s World?

The rogues are out to play in my series Rival Rogues. One Rogue Too Many (book 1) and In Bed with a Rogue (book 2) hit the shelves a while back, and The Best of Both Rogues (book 3) is scheduled for release July 7, 2015. In the meantime, I’ve written a love story for Fergus McTaggart, a beloved character introduced in the second Rival Rogues book.

Fergus is the land steward at Aldmist Fell, the Scottish estate Lady Helena Prestwick inherited from her first husband. It’s an enemies to lovers story, and I really enjoyed getting to know Fergus better, as well as his love interest Edith Gallagher. Edith made a brief appearance in In Bed with a Rogue too. She fooled me into believing she was shy and meek when she first made an appearance, but she is far from it. I believe poor Fergus has met his match.

Kissed by a Scottish Rogue (book 2.5) is available now!

Q & A about the Rival Rogues:

Q. Is the series related to the Beau Monde Bachelors?

A. Yes! It’s a different set of stories, but they take place within the same Regency world. Lady Gabrielle is related to the Duke of Foxhaven, Luke (Lady Vivian Defies a Duke) and Lord Andrew Forest (Miss Hillary Schools a Scoundrel). Gabby is their little sister. View the family tree here.

The Earl of Ellis made several appearances in the Bachelor books too, and now it’s Anthony’s turn to fall in love. Sebastian, Baron Thorne, is a new character but every bit as swoon-worthy as the Bachelors. View the connections here.
Q. What happens to Sebastian after One Rogue Too Many?

A. Sebastian will recover from being jilted and find his perfect match with a new character, Lady Helena Prestwick. (In Bed With a Rogue)

Q. Will Eve Thorne have her own story?

A. Yes. Eve will have a second chance at love with the man who left her at the altar, Benjamin Hillary. Ben is Captain Daniel Hillary (Miss Lavigne’s Little White Lie) and Jake Hillary’s (Lady Amelia’s Mess and a Half) older brother. Look for Eve and Ben’s story in 2015.

Q. Will Gabby’s twin sisters, Liz and Katie, have their own books?

A. Some day, if all goes as planned.

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